# API Reference

# @Component([options])

  • Arguments
    • {Object} [options]

A decorator to define class style components. You can pass Vue component options via the optional 1st argument.

See also: Class Component

# Component.registerHooks(hooks)

  • Arguments
    • {Array} hooks

Registers method names that class components handles them as hooks.

See Additional Hooks for more details.

# createDecorator(callback)

  • Arguments
    • {Function} callback
  • Return
    • {Function}

Creates a new decorator which class components process.

See Custom Decorators for more details.

# Built-in Hook Methods

The followings are built-in hook names that class components treat as special methods.

  • data
  • beforeCreate
  • created
  • beforeMount
  • mounted
  • beforeDestroy
  • destroyed
  • beforeUpdate
  • updated
  • activated
  • deactivated
  • render
  • errorCaptured
  • serverPrefetch

They will not be registered as component methods but (lifecycle) hooks. You should avoid these reserved names when your properties or methods are not supposed to be such hooks.

See also: Hooks

# Built-in Hook Method Types

Only available in TypeScript. It enables built-in hooks methods auto-complete once you import it:

import 'vue-class-component/hooks'